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Join this two part course to start your yoga journey off and deepen your practice in 45 days of yoga. Start off with the 14 classes and 4 bonus classes in the Beginner Yoga series and then move into the Basic Yoga Mix.

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Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher, author of three books, producer of six Ashtanga Yoga DVDs, writer, vlogger, world traveler, co-founder of Miami Life Center and founder of Miami Yoga Magazine. With over 800,000 followers on Instagr… View More

Kerri Verna

Kerri Verna has been a fitness instructor for over 13 years and has taught Pilates, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Most known for her Instagram account @beachyogagirl, she has gathered about 800,000 people that find inspiration, encouragement, and…View More

Workouts included in this package

Interview Kerri

Interview with Kerri Verna from YogaChallenge. Runtime: 6m

Interview Kino

Interview with Kino MacGregor from YogaChallenge. Runtime: 18m

Strength Bonus 2: Arms, Shoulders and More

Learn Kerri’s secret tips to build strength for your yoga practice. Targeting shoulders, arms, upper body and a little core, this is what she does to build her awesome strength! Add this one to any class or use as a stand-alone class if you want a fast paced strengthener. All levels will be challenged! Use this video often to build ...

Strength Bonus 1: Killer Abs & Core

A strong core is the key to a healthy lower back. Work your way up to a strong core with this series of key ab and core exercises. This is a perfect add-on to any class in this series and it also works as a stand-alone abs and core class. Runtime: 14m

Flexibility Bonus 2: Relax the Back

Backhanding can feel difficult and strenuous, however, it doesn’t have to me. Use this video to gently open the back, entering the inner body and cultivating a meditative mind. Create space between the joints of the spine and learn the perfect balance between activation and release. Use this video to partner along with another other day, as a warm up ...

Flexibility Bonus 1: Relax the Hips

Relaxing the hips is a crucial art of finding flexibility through the inner body. Take time to roll through these stretches in a perfect balance of the meditative mind and allow the body to open. Cultivate an inner awareness of the movement of the hip joints and how the pelvic floor can support and facilitate the external rotation of the ...

Day 14: Meditation and Relaxation

This is a great class to compliment your daily yoga practice. With an easy ten minute meditation let Kerri guide you into the inner state of peace and tranquility. Cultivate an awareness of the breath while creating a steadiness in the mind and relaxation in the body. Use this class to prepare for Meditation as part of the Yoga Challenge. ...

Day 13: Enter the Inner Body — Breath & Bandhas

Combine the powerful control of the breath based in the ancient technique of Ujjayi breathing with an intensive activation of the pelvic floor to unlock the secrets of the inner body. The bandhas are energetic locks that happen when the core muscles of the pelvic floor are alive, activated and strong. The breath is the tool that calms the nervous ...

Day 12: Hip & Hamstrings for Everyone

Start off with a gentle warm up and build a nice sweaty heat to prepare for the journey of yoga. Ask yourself why you practice and align with the deeper spiritual intention of the practice. Learn the keys to unlock your forward fold and deeper access to your hips. Use this class to prepare for Padangustasana and Pigeon Pose for ...

Day 11: Invert Your World — Headstands

Conquer your fear of inversions by building the sound anatomical tools of strength and stability. Learn how to stabilize the shoulder girdle, firm the core and find your center line. Balance is first and foremost a state of mind. Train the mind to be steady and centered while learning the technique and practical application of headstanding! Breakdown Tripod Headstand and ...

Day 10: Go Peacefully Deeper — Frogs Splits and Hips

Warm up gently and find your access into the hips. In a gentle and restorative class with Kerri calm the mind and cultivate an inner state of calm. Create the safe space for your body to open. With long holds and healthy technique you will learn how to open the hips Use this class to prepare for Frog Splits and ...

Day 9: Ease Your Way into Forward Bends

Folding forward is a crucial part of the yoga practice. Take the time here to work your way into all the necessary components for a deep forward fold. Find your access to the hip joints to facilitate hip flexion, clear out the pelvic bowl and find a sense of peace throughout the practice. Use this class to prepare for Dandasana, ...

Day 8: Core Power — Lift Up Like Never Before

The journey of strength starts off with one step forward. Start today! You don’t need to be naturally strong, you just need to try. Never judge yourself by how high you lift up. Instead focus on the inner experience and build health technique. Learn how to flex the spine, engage the abs and stabilize the shoulders. Put these pieces together ...

Day 7: Detox Flow — Twist It Out

Twists are deep internal cleansers. It’s sort of like putting you body on the wash and fold cycle from the inside out. It doesn’t matter how deeply you go in the pose, it only matter that you find the inner work and place your emphasis there. Learn the key fundamentals of healthy and effective twisting. Join Kino in a sweaty ...

Day 6: Backbending — The Tiger Wheel

Break down the fundamentals of backhanding in this step by step practice that includes lots of tools and technique. You don’t need to be naturally flexible to benefit from backbends. Just start off and work slowly, then little by little you will unlock the keys to more flexibility in your backbends and in your whole body. Using the key backbends ...

Day 5: Steady and Strong — Core Builder, Arm Balances and Peaceful Mind

The journey of strength is always about building a strong, equaminous mind. When the mind is steady and balanced then it retains its peace regardless of whatever circumstance is happening around in the physical or emotional world. Use powerful arm balances, planks and core strengtheners to challenge your sense of calm and build a strong steady mind. Turn up the ...

Day 4: The Seat of Balance — Dancing Trees

Standing poses are all about balance. By holding the standing poses your body learns how to develop core strength and inner awareness. Join Kerri in a sweaty practice flowing through Tree and Dancer Pose. These poses are gateways into your yoga practice and learning them here will give you both technique ad alignment to support your practice. Use this video ...

Day 3: Inward Flow, Shoulders and Hips

Turning the mind inward is a key lesson along the yoga path. Redirecting the mind to focus on the inner body as opposed to the endless sensations from the external world gives you peace of mind. The real measure of success in the yoga practice is the inner journey. Join this class with Kino to turn your attention inward as ...

Day 2: Spiritual Power Flow — Warrior II, Reverse Warrior and Half Moon

Practice the basics of strength, stamina and alignment through your legs, hips and core. Flow through Warrior II, Reverse Warrior and Half Moon while cultivating a sense of the inner journey of yoga. Dig deeply within yourself to discover a sense of adventure, challenge and strength. Prepare to build up a sweat in a fun class with Kerri. Use this ...

Day 1: Sun Salutations, Ignite the Inner Fire

The Sun Salutations are the beginning of every yoga journey. The movements are designed to build up an internal fire, creating a detoxifying sweat. Join Kino in this class to learn the foundations of the key movements of the Sun Salutations including Downward Facing Dog, Chaturanga Dandasana, Utkatasana and more. Once you understand these key building blocks of the practice ...

Bonus Meditation with Kino, Train the Equanimous Mind

This is a special Meditation with Kino where you train the equanimous mind. Learning to remain in a calm, neutral state while keeping the mind focuses on the breath is the first step in calming the waters of the mind. Learn to perceive the true self with a calm and steady mind.

Bonus Meditation with Kerri, Realize the Truth

Meditation with Kerri. Only the meditative mind can realize the truth through direct perception. Join Kerri in this meditation to contemplate the truth of any situation.

Day 30: Unlock Your Forward Fold, Pachimattanasana with Kino

Day 30 is Pachimattanasana, Deep Forward Fold is one of the most essential yoga poses in the whole practice. A deep forward fold gives you access to your pelvis and hip joints. Learn the basics of healthy and safe forward folding with Kino in this class.

Day 29: Build up to Forearm Balance, Pinchamayurasana with Kino

Day 29 is Pinchamayurasana, Forearm Balance, is a the next level inversion to build on your headstand. Learn to orient towards the vertical line while drawing the ribs in and strengthening the core. Practice hugging the elbows in and balancing the activation of the shoulders with a firm lift along the center line.

Day 28: Ease into Backbends, Ustrasana the Camel Pose with Kino

Day 28 is Ustrasana, the Camel Pose. One of the most accessible and therapeutic backbends, Ustrasana can me modified for all levels. Great for chronic lower back pain, regular practice of Ustrasana strengthens the core and the lower back. Join Kino in practicing this backbend with healthy technique and good alignment for maximum benefit.

Day 27: Beginner Handstands with Kerri

Day 27 is handstands. Build strength in the shoulders and core to begin your handstand journey today. Find the vertical line and break your fear of handstands. Have fun and turn your world upside down.

Day 26: Light Up the Inner Sky, Firefly Arm Balance with Kino

Day 26 is Firefly, called Titibhasana in Sanskrit. This challenging arm balance demands deep hip flexion, deep hamstring flexibly, release through the lower back, a strong core and stable shoulders. Learn all the tools to integrate Tittibhasana into your regular practice in this video.

Day 25: Discover your Inner Grace, Fallen Angel Arm Balance with Kerri

Day 25 is Fallen Angel, Devaduuta Panna Asana in Sanskrit. Flow through the deep twists and strong shoulders that you need in order to enter this pose safely. Twist from the inner body and stabilize from your shoulders to build a firm foundation for Fallen Angel.

Day 24: Set Your Inner Direction, Compass Pose with Kino

Day 24 is Compass Pose, called Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana in Sanskrit, is a combination of core strength and flexibility. Join Kino on this inner journey to the center of the pelvis where the hips open, the hamstrings lengthen and he mind is calm. Don’t rush the journey of flexibility, just relax and breathe and slowly move deeper each day.

Day 23: Strengthen your Shoulder and Core in Side Plank with Kerri

Day 23 is Side Plank. Join Kerri to activate new levels of your side plank. Build a healthy foundation in your shoulders and core to progress deeper into your practice. Side plank is a great integration of the abs and shoulders and prepares for deeper and more challenging arm balances and strength work in your practice.

Day 22: Glide Through the Hamstrings, Flexibility in Supta Padangusthasana with Kino

Day 22 is Supta Padangusthasana. This reclining forward fold is a great place to work on deepening your forward fold. Kino guides you through a conscious activation of the inner body to protect the hamstrings while lengthening them. Glide through the ball and socket of the hip joint while supporting the body in the deep forward fold.

Day 21: Strong Shoulders in Tripod Headstand with Kerri

Day 21 is Tripod Headstand, Mukta Hasta Sirsasana A. Strengthen the shoulders and core to find the vertical line in this headstand. Stack the shoulders and engage the core to super charge the inner body. This headstand may seem easier for people with naturally tighter and stronger shoulder, but it is beneficial to all.

Day 20: Bend Your Back into the Full Wheel, Urdhva Dhanurasana with kino

Day 20 is Urdhva Dhanurasana, Lifted Bow Pose. This full deep backbend cultivates internal fire and heat while demanding strength and flexibly. Learn how to safely enter Urdhva Dhanurasana to protect the back and move deeper. Learn the healthy technique that is the key to getting over the fear of backbends.

Day 19: Progressive Arm Balances, Side Crow with Kerri

Day 19 is Parsva Bakasana, Side Crane. Sometimes also called Side Crow, this powerful arm balance combines twisting with strong shoulders and firm core. Kerri breaks down the fundamentals of how to take your arm balances to the next level by bringing in this twisting arm balance into your practice. Finding the steady strength in body and mind challenges your ...

Day 18 Marichasana C

Day 18 is Marichasana C, the third of the many poses dedicated to the Sage Marichi. This deep twist is a powerful detoxer. Learn how to access the inner body and create the space for deeper twists. Locate the foundation of the twist in the careful activation of the pelvic floor. Cleanse the organs and cultivate an intense heat.

Day 17: Patience Young Grasshopper, Arm Balances with Kerri

Day 17 is Grasshopper Pose. This unique and playful arm balance integrates external rotation of the hips with powerful activation of the shoulder girdle. Break this pose down and learn how to find the right strength and flexibility to practice it safely and easily. Have fun, be patient, be strong.

Day 16: Deepen Your Forward Fold with Upavistha Konasana

Day 16 is Upavistha Konasana. This wide leg forward fold helps you release the inner thighs and lower back. Learn how to safely control the hip flexion necessary to go deeper into your forward bends. Unlock the key stop hidden flexibility while learning healthy technique and alignment.

Day 15: Basic Headstand, Sirsasana with Kerri

Day 15 the basic headstand, called Buddha Hasta Sirsasana or Bound Hand Headstand. This foundational headstand requires strong shoulders and a firm core. Align the body along the central axis, draw the ribs in and build your balance. Learn key tools to feel safe enough to integrate this powerful and healing pose into your regular practice.

Day 14: Lunge Into Backbends, Anjanayasana with kino

Day 14 is Anjanayasana. This crescent lunge pose makes backbends accessible. By opening the hips and making space along the inner body the spine opens and feels supported from the inside. Extend the shoulders and build the strength to support the thoracic spine to go deeper safely in backbends.

Day 13: Amp Up Your Arm Balances: Astavakrasana with Kerri.

Day 13 is Astavakrasana. In this video, Kerri will show you how to gain the strength needed for this amazing arm balance no matter what level practitioner you are. Also called eight-angle pose, Astavakrasana demands a balance between strength and flexibility. Strengthen the shoulders and find the inner space of the hips to practice Astavakrasana safely.

Day 12: Tie a Bow on It: Backbends, Dhanurasana with Kino

Day 12 is Dhanurasana, Bow Posture. Healthy backbends start by sucking the belly in and creating the space for the pose along the inner body. Roll the shoulders forward, draw the thighs towards each other and engage the quads. This class unlocks the secrets to deepening your backbends.

Day 11: Get Down and Dirty, Pistol Squat with Kerri

Day 11 is Pistol Squat. This powerful movement will help you with your strength and flexibility! It’s both fun to try, surprising accessible and yet definitely challenging. Build strength in the legs and core while moving deeper into flexibly.

Day 10: Deepen Your Backbends with Kino

Day 10 is Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana. This one-footed Pigeon pos is both a hip, back and shoulder opener. Learn the basics of backbending and then apply the tools to progress deeper into the inner work. Never rush the journey of flexibility, just breathe and follow healthy technique. Learn to surrender.

Day 9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Core Strength in Navasana with Kerri

Day 9 is Navasana. More core work with Kerri! Learn fun new ways of working this pose. Navasana, Boat Pose, is all about finding a calm entry to the inner body. Work on a series of variations of this pose to build strength in a balanced. way.

Day 8: Enter the Inner Body, Marichasana A with Kino

Day 8 is Marichiasana A, the first of the many poses dedicated to the great sage Marichi. In order to open the hips you need access into the inner body. Marichasana A is the perfect place for you to find the space behind your hip joints and make contact with your pelvic floor. Work on your hips in this accessible ...

Day 7: Learn to Lift Up, L-Sit with Kerri

Day 7 is L sit! Get ready to work your core! In this video, Kerri will teach you how to strengthen the arms, core, and hip flexors to help you gain strength in your yoga practice. Putting in the work on the L-sit is a great way to build the tools for every jump back and jump through. Don’t be ...

Day 6: Find Your Foundation in Extended Side Angle with kino

Day 6 is Parsva Konasana A or Extended Side Angle Pose. In this video Kino will teach you the fundamentals of working your legs and core in this Standing Asana. The key to the inner work of yoga is to find a firm connection between the breath and the pelvic floor. Integrate these tools and discover the inner body, balanced ...

Day 5: Beginner Arm Balance, Bakasana with Kerri

Day 5 is Bakasana otherwise known as crow/crane pose. In this video, Kerri will show you how to begin gaining the strength and flexibility for working this arm balance. Bakasana is one of the most powerful and yet accessible arm balances. Kerri makes this pose approachable for all levels by incorporating core strength and healthy shoulder alignment.

Day 4: Beginner Backbends, Shalabhasana with Kino

Day 4 is Shalabhasana, Locst Pose. Backbends has a huge potential of healing if done with healthy technique and alignment. Learn the basics of backbends and approach the inner work of spinal extension in this class.

Day 3: Twist It Out, Revolved Triangle, Trikonasana B with Kino

Day 3 is Trikonasana B otherwise known as revolved triangle pose. In this video, Kino will teach you how to access this pose for all levels of practitioners. Trikonasana B is a balance between sucking in the lower belly and stabilizing the legs o create the firm foundation for the twist. Learn both how to balance on your legs as ...

Day 2: Plank it Out, Build Strength with Kerri

Day 2 is Plank posture. In this video, Kerri will teach you how to effectually work your core with plank posture. Plank is one the foundational strength poses in the yoga practice. With strong shoulders and a firm core cultivated in a healthy Plank Pose you will be on your way to mastering the inner work of strength.

Day 1: Find Inner Warrior, Virabhadrasana A with Kino

Kick off this Basic Yoga Mix with Warrior 1 otherwise known as Virabhadrasana A. In this video Kino will show you how to safely and effectively practice this posture. Warrior I is a foundational posture of strength in the legs, flexibility in the back and shoulders as well as creating a calm and steady mind.